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Dear Friends of Paterva,

This post is both ‘a last’ and ‘a first’. For a last time, you receive an official message from the Paterva team. For the first time, we invite you to visit as the new go-to source regarding all information about Maltego.

As some of you may know, a lot has happened at Paterva over the last two years. After having worked as a small team out of South Africa for ten years, we decided to enter the second decade of our product’s life, all equipped to grow the Maltego product and bring it to even more customers world-wide. This was in 2017. By now Maltego code can be found on many more desktops of security researchers, investigators and hackers alike.

When you are moving quickly, however, it is sometimes easy to forget how many steps you have already taken. So, before we tell a bit more about the journey ahead, let’s take a short trip down memory lane and shed light on what happened so far.

A big "Thank you!" to everyone who supported us

The idea of Maltego was born in 2007 with the vision to build a comprehensive framework for information gathering by graphically linking different entities of a network. At the same time, it was a core idea of Maltego’s inventors to develop software that was easily accessible for a large audience, fun to use and able to leverage the ever-growing open source intelligence universe. In 2006, it was Chris who wrote the first line of Maltego code – and who has remained one of Maltego’s lead developers still today. Evidently, some of those first lines are still in use:

In 2008, the first versions of the desktop client were released.

As all of its inventors had a background in the security sector, Maltego basically started out as a tool “from hackers for hackers”. Given that we were only a very small team, it was essential to us that everybody who wanted to contribute could do so – either by writing new Transforms, helping out with the documentation, or training others on how to use Maltego. We would have never come so far if it wasn’t for the global fan base that started to proactively support the advancement of the tool – either through ideas, critical feedback or just a thumbs-up during rough times.

Big growth comes with big challenges

In the beginning, we would never have dared to dream of how fast the Maltego user base would grow. Especially the free Community Edition was a catalyst for Maltego’s progress. By 2017, Maltego already had over half a million users. 

The high growth brought about many new challenges. As large corporations and intelligence agencies began to work with Maltego, the changing needs of increasingly professional customer segments became imminent. Meeting the regularity needs of users around the world while having a 24/7 customer support in place and still delivering a top-notch product started to exceed the capacities of our small team. This was also the time when some of Maltego’s founding fathers decided that it was time for them to seek new adventures. In his last blog post for Paterva, Roelof explained his decision as follows: 
I've always wanted a company where everyone is close enough that you can throw them with something (like a ping pong ball) and in the last year or so I feel like I’ve been holding the company back to become bigger than that.

Joining forces with global partners and setting the course for growth

In 2017, the remaining Paterva team decided to take the bull by the horns and to come up with a solution that would enable a sustainable growth for Maltego on an international scale. As of 2018, the team of Maltego Technologies headquartered in Munich, Germany has taken responsibility for all global customer-facing operations. 

And this is also where we end this post. As of now, will serve as your new and primary source to learn about new features, product updates, and Maltego news. We hope that you will enjoy the Maltego product in its current and many future iterations yet to come!

See you on,

Your Paterva team