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Dear Friends of Paterva,

This post is both ‘a last’ and ‘a first’. For a last time, you receive an official message from the Paterva team. For the first time, we invite you to visit as the new go-to source regarding all information about Maltego.

As some of you may know, a lot has happened at Paterva over the last two years. After having worked as a small team out of South Africa for ten years, we decided to enter the second decade of our product’s life, all equipped to grow the Maltego product and bring it to even more customers world-wide. This was in 2017. By now Maltego code can be found on many more desktops of security researchers, investigators and hackers alike.

When you are moving quickly, however, it is sometimes easy to forget how many steps you have already taken. So, before we tell a bit more about the journey ahead, let’s take a short trip down memory lane and shed light on what happened so far.
A big "Thank you!" to everyone who supported us The i…