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Year in review, plans for next year and the usual Christmas special.

Hi everyone.

Season's greetings. Time to break out the boxset of Glee and rewatch all Hugh Grant's movies again.

It's been a good year. Mostly. Paul learned how to program in Python (somewhat/mostly) and did his first public talk. He made a short Maltego video too. Andrew traveled the world and sauna-ed with strangers. Someone (you know who you are) hugged him and he was OK with it. - not at said sauna. I started drawing things and managed an entire day at Defcon before hiding in my hotel room. We appointed RI to sort out our admin. The office dog doesn't eat our checks anymore (BTW, this really happened, try to explain that to your bank). We all received Tshirts from Russia.

Maltego got a transform hub and we've added a ton of providers. We made a new TDS. We added a few transforms. We made a developer portal thing-thing. Compared with what's happening in the next year it's pretty boring. So what you ask is on the menu?

1. New version of Maltego…