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Connecting the links

Hello there,
Today I am going to talk a bit about our new Linkedin transforms that we have been working on. Linkedin is all about finding connections between people so what better way to visualize this information than in Maltego. I set out to build some Linkedin transforms that could help show connections between Linkedin users, their shares and company profiles that may not be easy to identify on Linkedin itself. All the transforms that I built here use the Linkedin developer API so you can log into your own Linkedin account from Maltego and start visualizing your Linkedin network.
Linkedin's API provides awesome search functionality for finding people and companies by allowing you to refine your searches with additional search parameters making it a lot easier to find profiles with common names. Our Linkedin transforms allow you to enter these additional search parameters using transform settings (transform pop-ups). To search for a Linkedin company profile from within Maltego yo…

Maltego Chlorine is ready for download


New release is called Chlorine - was a tough one. It's an awesome release. We fixed many bugs and built many features.

You should download it. Now. [ Here ].  Or click on the pretty picture.
Release video is [ here ].

The full story

Here at Paterva we've had a few milestone Maltego releases. Maltego 3.1 was one, Maltego Tungsten was another. It's hard to say which one was the most difficult to get 'over the line'. Maltego Chlorine was one of those 'giving birth' releases.

We've worked really hard at it. The release was supposed to be in mid February - then we delayed it because we kept finding conditions we've previously missed. A lot of testing was done on Chlorine, and a lot of bugs (some even came from version 3) were fixed. We even [started talking] about it early in Feb.

A product like Maltego is never really completely finished. At any given stage there is a list of features we still want and a (smaller) list of things that really …