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Announcing Maltego Carbon Community edition

Hey there people of the Internet..

Woot! We’re excited to announce that Maltego Carbon has finally has come to the masses. We've chosen a 1984 Russian Nuclear Expo theme for the splash page:

We stealthily uploaded the binaries to the website on Friday – but we wanted to wait with the announcement until today (as it’s silly to do a “press release” on a Friday – right?). This is a major new version of Maltego so you’ll need to get a new installer from our website. Simply click on the download section of the website to get yours now! [LINK]

The Carbon release is a major step up from the previous version (Tungsten). The major improvements are discussed in this video:

Killer feature – integrated OAUTH allow you to have your Twitter transforms back and a slick new import from CSV and XLS files.

An online update of Carbon is included in the download – taking it to 3.5.3 and has a lot of new transform goodies and fixes -it's discussed in this video post:

Oh – last thing – don’t get too anno…