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Maltego Carbon - now!

Hi there,

It took a while to get there (and this release was tricky to schedule) but we're finally ready with Maltego Carbon. As this is a major release you'll need to download a fresh copy from the website  - it does not update from Tungsten.

Major new features are:

OAuth - means you can use Twitter transforms again!New and improved tabular import - create a graph from XLS/CSV  Discovery of Maltego configs from NTDS (much needed feature for those with their own servers) as part of discovery.Bug fixes, optimization and new looks. 
Andrew explains of this in the next episode of AndrewTV (click below for this exciting episode):

For server clients - you can download new updated servers from the server portal:

NTDS - now with paired configuration functionality and generic OAuth support. You can simply backup your configuration and load it into the new VM.CTAS - with new Twitter transforms and fancy *_SE transforms.
Maltego Carbon is live for download from the [Paterva website] right…