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Maltego Radium - preview video

Some time ago (June) we released a video of what's to come in Maltego Radium. It was shot on a cold night on a rooftop in Johannesburg CBD. We only got off the roof at around 3am - cold and hungry, but with the footage "in the can".  I feverishly edited the video and a few days later the video was released. Only today did we realize that we never blogged about it. Well - if you haven't seen it before - here it is again:

Maltego Radium will be released at the Nordic Security Conference ( at the end of August. That's in a few weeks. We know. It's close. Deadline looming. People stressing. Throwing stuff. Mostly me. ;)

PS: Many people asked us "Who does your videos?". It's all done in-house. Shot, edited etc. This is why, while the visuals and the soundtrack might be a little over the top and the quality isn't always up to scratch - you get it straight from the source. Oh - and that's Andrew in the video - not a reporter. lol.

Maltego scripting language user guide (1.0)

With the release of Maltego Radium just a couple of weeks out we've decided to publish the preliminary user guide on how to write your own machines. The document might still contain some pre-production screen shots and the scripting language might still change a little bit but it will give you a good idea of what's possible with the new release.
Open the PDF!

We're super excited about all the new possibilities this release will open up. We will be releasing Maltego Radium at the Nordic Security Conference ( in Iceland at the end of August.

Maltego Radium - screenshots and release date

When we are building splash screens you know it's close to release time. Here is what we think the splash screen for the new version of Maltego is going to look like:

The new version of Maltego will allow for scripting transforms together in a sequence - something we call a 'machine'. Here are some screenshots (subject to change!):

Radium will be released at the Nordic Security Conference ( at the end of the month. Additionally we'll be training students on Radium at the conference. Woot! See you there.