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Maltego X in Iceland

Those of you that knows me would know that I rarely get excited about something. I am that 'the bottle is half empty' person - cynical and dry. And I rarely make personal posts on this blog. But somehow I am totally amped about the conference in Iceland.

It's at the end of August - it gives us plenty time to prepare something really special for a really special conference. It gives us time to build Maltego version X (be that 3.2 or 4.0, time will tell). And we're all commited to have it release ready for NSC.IS

We know what will be in the release - it's *really* special, new, innovative. In fact, I haven't felt so excited about something since we've build the first 5 transforms in 0.1 and saw the concept works. Guarenteed it will change the way you think about and work with Maltego.

I am taking the entire team to Iceland. And (hopefully) we'll all be training students on the brand new version. It's going to be something really special.