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Maltego 3.0.3 - It's Alive!

Finally the slog is over, the performance release is here! This has to have been one of the easiest release schedules we have managed, besides for some small scale [flooding of the roads near us] this still counts as office hours.

This release offers a fantastic amount of stability and most importantly speed to Maltego - the devs have done an absolutely marvelous job! +++ to the Pienkies!!

Also - Roelof has edited our mangled together user guide and built a massive document describing all of the transforms. He even managed to slay some pretty hefty Word style dragons to get it here, so don't forget to [check it out] too. The updated Maltego user guide (looking very grown up) can be found there as well.

Finally - [get 3.0.3 now] - faster than you can scream "Lerooooy Jenkins!!"


Maltego 3.0.3 release date


We're happy to announce that, if all goes according to plan, we'll be releasing Maltego 3.0.3 this coming Monday. What's new in 3.0.3 you may ask? A lot of bug fixes, and a loads of speed and performance improvements. But if we just say it you won't believe us. So for the first time - here is the raw, unedited changelog (in a small font, because it takes a lot of space)

Fixed speed issues in the Detail View caused by the quick filter. Let the Detail View update asynchronously to keep the GUI more responsive. Improved the speed of invert selection. Small painting speed improvement Improved the “get property from name” speed of Properties. Added a warning message and a “Show” button to the Properties View when more than 1000 nodes are selected. Greatly improved the speed & memory usage of the family selection actions. Performance improved when relayouting graph when transform results return (Mining view) Do not r…

Maltego Splash Screen Competition

Hey guys,

Due to some inter-office disagreement (ED C'mon let's be realistic - mine WAS really better if you think about it now) regarding the splash screens we have decided to open it up to the public in the form of a competition.

Basically, send us your awesomely crisp 380x320 px splash screen that you think will suit our fantastic new performance release (3.0.3). In return, if we decide to pick your splash screen you'll get a free one year license for the commercial product and your art work will be the first thing anyone sees when opening Maltego!

Dust off your Corel, Gimp and Photoshop and send your splash screen(s) to