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Paterva Christmas gifts - for real

It's the 24th December 2010 - one day before Christmas. At this stage your mailbox is likely overflowing with silly corporate Christmas cards and special holiday offers that you don't really care about. We would like to present two real, free gifts for those that are still lurking at offices all around the world.

Gift A.1) A copy of Maltego 3.0.3 RC2 - not the final release, but damn close. You can download it [here]. It's a ZIP distribution, no install shield, but you'd be able to run it from the /bin directory. Remember - it's a beta. If you can't make it work - wait for the official release early in 2011 but keep in mind that the license key (B.2) will likely be used.

Gift B.2) A full, one year license key. Free. For a year. Yup. Here it is:

You will be able to use this key on the official 3.0.2U1 client as well of course, and once we've released 3.0.3 officially it would be good to go with that too. It's strictly first come fi…

Maltego 3.0.3 splash screen

So, we've asked 5 people which one they prefer, and 5 people chose the red one. I hate the red one. It's obscene.

I made the grey one. Andrew says I am just pissed that nobody chose my design.

Totally obscene...