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Maltego 3.0.2 is live!

So, there we go. Maltego 3.0.2 is out - and - finally - we have an OSX release too. In terms of functionality it's about the most we've done in a minor release. I think it's a pretty release. You can find it on the web site on the [download page].

The other news that's really exciting is that we *just* heard we are training at BlackHat Federal in Washington DC. Woot^2! You can check out our course outline ---> [here]. More on this later.

Enjoy responsibly!

Maltego 3.0.2 is here (soon..really soon)

Hey Guys,

We are at the stages where we are finally starting the build processes for 3.0.2 putting out deb's, rpm's and yes even an OSX dmg !

There are some fantastic new features in this version including:
Labelling, Colouring and Styling linksPath Selection ( find paths between two entities )Entity and Link selection modesSelecting of similar nodesCopy and Paste between graphs (With and without links)Copy to new graph (with and without links)Copy to new graph with Neighbours/Parents/Children and the depth of thatVarious bug fixesImproved performance with links
The dev team has really put a lot of hard work into this release and it really shows!

In other news we have also been working on some new transforms to be released via the TDS at some stage ( most likely next week ) which will include the following:
Netblock expansion - take a Netblock to the IP addresses within itNumeric hostname enumeration - enumerate hostnames numerically (so from mail.domain.tld look for mail1.domain.…

3.0.2 is delayed by one week

The 3.0.2 release is going to be late. Yep - can't help it. It was supposed to be out by the 21st...but we've run into performance issues - specifically because links now carry loads more data information.

The plan is now to get it out by the 27th - a week later. And yes, we still plan to have the OSX release ready by that time too. So, just hold on a bit while we get 3.0.2 ready for you.

3.0.2 release schedule ...and more

It's been a while since I posted to the blog. I was secretly hoping Andrew would make a posting...tsk tsk - the youth of today!
Many things happened since the last post. I spoke at Ekoparty - it was a blast (see attached photo). Also we are hard at work at 3.0.2. The good news is that version 3.0.2 will also include an OSX version. That's right - an OSX version. For the Mac.
Version 3.0.2 focussed on making manual linking easier. We have line style, color and thickness now..and labels. Oh and copy and paste will work as advertised in 3.0.2! I've attached a screenshot of an early beta of 3.0.2.
The only question is WHEN? At the moment the release date for 3.0.2 is pegged at 21 October - that's around 3 weeks from now. Let's hope we make the deadline!