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Security Year End Function

BlackHat Vegas is upon us. Sadly we won't be there...but Maltego will be! We know of the following places where Maltego will be shown:

Offensive Security Training (Pentesting with BackTrack)
Suggmeister (Chris Sumner)'s talk - Social Networking Special OpsAt the HBGary kiosk - and in Greg Hoglund's talk- Tracking Cyber Spies and Digital Criminals Also - for the duration of BlackHat and Defcon as special offer - use the coupon 'BlackHat' and get 25% discount on Maltego licenses.

If you see Maltego in any other talks or training - let us know. Yes! Soon we'll have MaltegoCon - hee hee...;)

Maltego at a printer (or PDF) near you...soon

LawTrust/ Entrust - thanks!

Due to the fact that Thawte took their sweet time to get our certificates sorted out, we decided to look at the local crowd LawTrust to get our other certs. What a pleasure - got it in one day. It helps that they are based here in ZA. Thanks Megan/Chantell/Christi/Maeson - you rock!!

We have valid certificates now..

So more self signed.
CETAS and Alpine will follow soon.

Growing up..

Soon we'll have board meetings too... :(

CE is live!

Hey guys,

Finally I get to post something on the blog! We have been working very hard (and even harder this week with me going on holiday tomorrow!) and for once we have released ahead of schedule!

Thats right, the fantastic new Maltego CE is here. We have given a lot back and most of the limitations have been cut back plus we are working on some really new exciting stuff for the community (container TAS).

Thanks for all your support and comments - we really appreciate it.

See you on the 20th :)

Community edition and HITB feedback

It's been a while. Came back from Amsterdam a few days ago where I presented at Hack in the Box (HITB). It was really a cool conference (thank Dhillon/Amy and the rest of the team!). Not too many people, not too few. Really nice vibe - and it was good to be back in the Kras. Made some new friends and got to see many old ones again. It was good.

We are releasing CE edition of Maltego tomorrow unless there's a major train smash. We've made CE3 less restrictive - the hope is to get a lot more of the community involved. Hopefully we are not shooting ourselves in the foot in terms of funding for more development (yea - version 3.1 is looming in the distant future).

Soon after the release of CE we will also release CCTAS - those that saw the talk in Amsterdam will know what's potting (excuse the pun). I showed a short video of where we are going with that. The bottom line is that it will allow the community to write and host their own transforms - and the client will automat…