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There IS life after 3

Last week saw the release of Maltego 3.0 and the new website. Stress levels are slowly returning to normal...

It went fairly smooth - just took a long time to upload everything and we missed our official deadline with 2 hours and 14 minutes. Not bad considering a 15 month wait. It was the Maltego+JRE (40MB) upload that killed us. Oh and the fact the the debs and rpms said 'Maltego 3 Beta' and we had to rebuild them. Funny thing - 5 minutes after the last upload was done the power died and we sat here in the dark. If it was 5 minutes earlier I would have cried lots...but it wasn't. After that was post 3 release celebrations with good food, good beer and finally - good sleep.

So far there have been 2 little problems (which we sorted out). The first has to do with licensing - a small number of users have been affected in a way that they need to activate the product every time they reboot. Bleh. Fixed. The other problem had to do with authenticating proxies. Seems the dialog tha…

Release is today at 16h00 GMT+2

Finally we are releasing. Today. In a few hours. Just putting the final touches on the website and re-testing all the installs. It also means you have about 6 hours to still buy licenses at the old price.

We are all a bunch of nerves. I hope all goes smooth. Next time I write Maltego v3 will be out there in the wild...eish.


The release is tomorrow. Tomorrow. After 15 months the release is TOMORROW.

We are fixing the last of the (obvious) bugs. I am pretty sure there are still a couple left - in a system as complex as Maltego 3 there will always be something that's itching. But mostly its all systems go. I must say with everything coming together v3 is one sexy beast. It really looks and drives super slick. Won't be missing v2 soon..

Today is going to be a looong day. Getting the site sorted, testing and retesting the release. The vuvuzela people woke me up at 6am and there was no more sleep - just thinking of all the things we still need to (and can) add to make v3 more special.

Tomorrow there will be a final post as v3 go live...


Nerves. Redoing the website. Fixed two transforms that were unstable. Changed transform descriptions to make it read nicer. Worry about next week. Prepared dedicated M3 server. Payment gateway tested.

Oh and kickoff for the World Cup is in 45 minutes.

Chinese hackers

Getting the server ready I was making sure that we have Unicode on the server side ready as well. I did mention we have Unicode support in v3 right?

This is Google's translation for simplified Chinese of the word 'hackers' in Maltego + 12 sites containing the word:

Less than a week to go..

With less than a week to go for Maltego v3 it is tense times all around. We ran into a nasty bug that needed sorting - e.g. a deal breaker. It finally broke this afternoon. Now we can keep on working down the list of known bugs.

We decided to have a dedicated server for v3 and phase out v2 as we go along. This makes it a easier to migrate existing users to V3, but it means a bit more work this side.

We're also working on a new website. Anyhow - more as we go along...

SQLTAS v1.0 - what a mission!!

We're done! The new SQLTAS is ready for beta testing. We've had all our days getting the Oracle and DB2 ODBC drivers working but it's all in the past, and we're in beta testing phase...with 1 tester. They're a pretty demanding client - linking between four different databases on two different DB platforms. Let's hope there are not too many issues.

After the 3.0 release we'll spend more time on this and roll it out to all server clients. For now - it's all engines firing for the 3.0 release on the 15th.

Oh - the cables (DSL) have been restored after about 10 days of downtime. The USA soccer team (think World Cup 2010) is staying a couple of blocks from the office- they arrived yesterday. Funny - I wonder if this is a coincidence.