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Icons = Win

This release is looking absolutely smashing! Definitely starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, whole bunch of new features and the new icons have made a huge improvement.

Added in things like search, alphabetical listing of the transforms, cool new transform view properties (ie, change the icon of a website to the site for only a few, or set it to show pages rather than just the website - more on this later), plus a ton of new stuff its really starting to all come together.

Here, have some screenshots :)

Loving that, Party boosh!

24th release

Looking gooood! Link highlighting is back in and finally we have find in as well. Things are starting to get together now. Detail view is nicely keeping state and looking really sweet. The entire look and feel of v3 is awesome.

Chris is still chasing the memory bug, so can't really build huge graphs. My hope is that the client performs as well with larger graphs. We'll see when we get there. Andrew's choice of icons proved to be well worth the wait.

We won.

Seems the old version of Maltego is still kicking butt..this makes me happy.

Detail View Update

Just to give you guys a quick update, the latest release i've just been playing with has a slightly different detail view.

By default now the relationships dropdown (and possibly later tab), is now broken up further between the Incoming and Outgoing connection lists. The parent tabs are now starting to remember settings too, so should you only be interested in say the generator detail you can set the relationships tab to be contracted in one entity and it will be remembered throughout all the others!

Detail View - A powerful change

Yet another one of the huge changes made in 3 is the detail view, its now super useful in terms of being used during analysis. Previously selecting multiple entities merely showed you a list of these entities:

Now however it offers a much wider view, allowing you to sort by name, weight, incoming and outgoing links, as well being able to search/select these entities and have them selected on the graph, as seen below:

One of the other nice features is being able to go back to the graph by double clicking on one of the entities, this will then zoom that specific entity to the center of the graph.

The detail view is also extended for single entities and broken up into 3 different sections:
Relationships - showing your incoming and outgoing connections (also selectable, will change to that specific entity and center it on the graph)Notes - The ability to make notes on an entity (not yet implemented)Generator detail - the standard detail view showing snippets, transforms run to get to this ent…

New Icons

So i wasn't completely happy with the old icons, they smaller sizes seemed to be slightly blurry and we have discussed it and picked a bunch of new ones, which still might change again depending on how well they come out within the app, see some of the choices below :)

List view and so on...

Can't move. Played tennis last night (first time in a while)..and currently pulling the 17 Feb release. It's pushing 18MB. Wish we had more bandwidth. OK it's here - let's see....

Tested new client with some home grown transforms on a local TAS - discovery etc. works well. Lots of changes in List View (a new view we introduced in v3) - it's now almost working like it should.
The new icons still look uncool. Can do with it what we want, they still look crap. We might even go back to the old ones - or perhaps a mix of the two.

Context menus when running transforms now includes 'config transform', 'timing options' and 'help' buttons. I am hoping it's not overwhelming for users. We should still get them to do things.. The CPU problem turned out to be a memory problem. Increasing the memory available helps, but it simply delays the problem - thus...something is leaking. At least we can test further down the release.

Love to beta with this relea…

Custom Entities!

Chris and the gang have been doing a fantastic job, heres just one of the many new features that i love, custom entity creation, no longer will it be a hack to get in your own entities.

Its a very simple wizard with a lot of advanced options (such as adding additional fields and regular expressions to match pasting), the new entity manager is also a blessing! See the pics below as i quickly (2 mins) create a new WifiAP for my graph.

The new Entity Manager

Setting properties and icons

Default values and sections

Adding it to a category

Specifying additional properties
In this case, ESSID, encryption and last seen dates. Note you can also specify the type and there are loads to choose from!

Display Settings

Plurals, Palette and Regular expressions

Using my new entity!

As you can see it is a relatively painless process and the final 3 steps (additional properties, display and regular expression screens) are optional. This is definitely going to make the local transform 'scene' explode…

Body surfing the notebook's PSU

Hmmmm...warm and fuzzy!

Maltego Within Kubuntu 9.10

Hey guys,

Finished building the .deb and .rpm files for 3, here is a screenshot of Maltego 3 - valentines release under kubuntu :)

Valentine's release

Looking goooood. Icons are better because of the 48x48 size, labels are aligned. Feels like a monster - in a good way. Navigation is super quick and selection is very useful (with the new improved detailed view). There are still a lot of things that we need, but at this pace we'll have a winner real soon. I am smiling again.


Installs - deb, rpm

Andrew is making Debian and RPM installs. Saw what Maltego v3 looks like on Linux today. It looks...the same as on Windows. New release tomorrow morning - will do a write up in the pm. Installing Netbeans for the TAS development on my Windows machine - ready up for v3 server side.

New icons - bleh

The new icons look really horrible in the graph. This is a real pity. We either need to choose new ones, or work on the sizing...or..something. It's amazing that things look really good on paper, but as soon as you work with it, it falls apart. Guess that's the difference between talking and thinking about things and making it really work in real life.

CPU is still flat lining as soon as you push the interface a bit - not that this is a surprise - the team spent a good deal of time working on branding and graphics this week. Makes the shitty icons even more of a setback. Detail view is back in, but it's not keep state of open and closed sections. Screen real estate is a real problem. Still missing a lot of short cut keys, copy and paste functionality..the list goes on. Are we ever going to get there..? We can only keep on trying and not lose hope that this is going to be great - someday.


Maltego Wallpaper

Not really a Maltego app related post, but i did make a nice clean wallpaper for Maltego today, and i am very glad that we moved past 4-bit music (see mods below).

Background - v4

Thinking we're going with this. Art work is almost done.

Chasing CPU flatlining, detailed view. Sent entity definitions that had to be remapped to Chris so that he can get it into the v2 compatibility machine.

Should put the new icons in this week. Gone with IconShock's 'Golden' series. Should look very nice.

Listening to MODs - I am 15 again..

Horror movie it is...

Manual linking lives!

I just thought i'd give you guys a taste of manual linking as i created the word awe(some) with a couple of domain entities.

On par with dry land not being a myth in the cult classic Waterworld ( , manual linking is not a myth!

Intro screens (10/02)

Finally my windows box is up and running and i can start playing as well!

One of the cool new things implemented in 3 are the new introduction screens which are going to make a nice refreshing change for anyone that is tired of loading transforms and sets and having to customise them everytime we make changes.

Sets, seeds and transforms will now be pulled from the three introduction screens. Plus this means less headaches for those people that previously had issues with certain linux distro's having no transforms!

9 Feb 21h00

FTP-ing it from Chris at the moment, we're up to 17MB it seems. Background is in - it looks OK, but not stunning. The graphics looks a bit nicer in the wizard left hand pane, but I am still not convinced.

Edge weighted view is back in, with a new algorithm that's mapping the size of the node logarithmically and not linear to the number of incoming links. Should take out super huge nodes, and give a better indication. Perhaps we need to change to log 6 or 7 and not log 10. We'll see. At least with version 3 you can interact with the nodes in this view - e.g. run transforms etc. We still need to fit the labels in there. Satellite / overview window is back - thank goodness, sporting new colors. Pretty neat.

Transform pop-ups are proving to be very useful, but they should still keep state - e.g. remember the settings. CPU flatline is REALLY biting - seems that the more transforms you run at a time, the more the problem manifests itself. This is going to be a bitch to find and d…


Showed up here about 20 minutes ago. Took control of a chair within seconds.
'LolKat' :)

Beta testers

A lot of people have been asking to be beta testers. For now, we are a little hesitant to let people play. The main reason for this is that 3.0 is not ready for beta testing. In other words - we know about a lot of things that needs be sorted out, and don't want to waste your time by putting something half baked out there. When we reach the point where we've chased down the obvious bugs and implemented the obviously missing features we'll open it up for beta testers. Promise!

Notes on weekend (06/02) release

The biggest concern now is that the GUI sometimes hang and the CPU spikes to 100% and just sits there. Also, the threading needs to be sorted - this is due to the fact that we are using v2 server and a v3 client. While the v3 protocol still needs to be implemented we needed something to work with so at the moment we are translating 2 calls to something that works in 3.

The labels are still kind of jumbled up - spacing between icons haven't been implemented. We haven't added the new icon library or the new background and branding. Oh - and we'll have to redo all of that for CE.

Many of the 2 features are still not in - edge weighted view, clear all graph etc etc. And we missing key bindings. But it's getting to the point where it can be used for casual Maltego-ing.

The feeling today is strong - there is light at the end of the tunnel - the new dynamic layout is super sexy, the layout pause concept works really nice and the overall responsiveness is great. Let's hope it…

From the 'art department'

Got this - not sure that's what we'll go with - but it's a start. To be used in splash screen and About.

Oh .. and of course - they didn't get the memo that this is for 3.0 and not 2.02.

Will keep you updated on the progress.

Why did we do this?

We started with pre betas of Maltego version 3.0 last week. Internal for now as there are many things that are still breaking horribly. The idea would be to have a totally informal blog that is updated as we play with new releases. This will allow you to see how we progress...and will hopefully be interesting.