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Finding fake news networks with transforms has joined the list of Hub Partners available to all Maltego customers, and best of all: anyone can try it out for free today! transforms provide you with access to one of the largest databases of public website data in the world. The directory contains 280 million domains, 30 to 50 pages deep, and holds over 200 data variables for each website. You can use this data to discover new pathways through networks of websites and gather unique insights into online domains.

Without WHOIS data it’s difficult to find detailed information on who owns a website. The transforms in the Maltego Transform Hub give you the tools to find incoming links, companies, IP addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and social profiles of all entities within a network. Take a look at the full list of transforms here.

To get you started on working with’s transforms, let’s look at one example of how we unravel the global netw…