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Machines are back in the Transform menu!

Due to popular demand, machines are back in the Transform menu! Back when machines were first introduced, that is where they lived – right alongside all the transforms. A decision was later made to simplify the menu, but we have heard from you that we need to make them more visible and accessible again.

In Maltego version 4.2.4, machines are back on the top-level of the Transform menu. When you right-click to run a transform, all machines that are compatible with the selected input-entity type will be shown in a coloured set named “Machines”.

This will hopefully make it easier to discover the machines that come pre-installed with Maltego as well as those that our fantastic hub-partners provide.

Large Graph exports

It seems that some of our users love to create large graphs. In the past, if you wanted to export such a graph as a PDF or an image, you were limited to relatively small sizes which made the saved file very blurry.

In version 4.2.4, we added a few more options to help with this problem. Firstly, you can choose to export only a part of the graph – whatever is in the current view. Next, we increased the maximum width and height of the image by more than six times. And finally, we added a new convenient export format which creates a small HTML file with a tile-based viewer, similar to how you would navigate and zoom into an area on Google Maps.

Let us know what you think of these options!

New Copy and Paste option

We are always looking for ways to make it easier to access and disseminate the results from your Maltego investigations. Along with exporting in various formats, one of the easiest ways to get hold of the details in the graph is to simply copy them. In the transform menu, we also give you the option to copy not only the values of the entities, but also with an entity-type prefix or an entire GraphML file.

The problem with these options was that unless you were willing to handle the GraphML structure, there was no way to get hold of any of the additional properties of the entity. E.g. Who was the Author of a Tweet? What was the Country Code of a Location entity? All of these are stored as additional properties.

Starting in version 4.2.4, you now also have the option to copy entities from the transform menu that will include the properties, separated by the ‘|’ (pipe) character. Not only that, but you can also paste data from the clipboard in that format and Maltego will populate the properties with the correct values.

This will hopefully be useful in those instances where you want to share a small number of entities, including any additional properties, with a fellow investigator.

As always, there are several other changes which you can read all about here.