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Announcement: EULA, Updates, Pricing

First big (long) 2018 post: better support for you, updated EULA, new prices

It’s been rather quiet on this channel since our last, joyous Christmas message. But rest assured, we are still here, busy at work. And yes, we have been working on our bucket list of cool new features for 2018. And they will come, the first of which will be the release of our “brand spanking new servers” in fall!

In the meantime, there has been lots of work and fixes under the hood. We hope you notice and appreciate the improved usability and stability. A further nice improvement is being rolled out this week. We have made the experience of collaboration when working with collection nodes much better.

We’ve also been busy setting up new systems and processes to provide you with even better support, troubleshooting and onboarding services. We started by implementing a proper ticketing system and, most importantly, a new crew and more people excited to work with Maltego. We will introduce them in time.

As previously announced 2018 has so far also been a year of house cleaning in terms of legal documents. First came an entirely updated (and GDPR-conform) Privacy Policy in May. And you don’t want to know the dev work it took to get it delivered in the Desktop client at the “right time” and record agreement the “right way” …

This week, we follow up with an update of our End User License Agreement. It is now called General Terms & Conditions and there is now only one document for all products and all versions of Maltego. We also aimed at making the structure clearer and the wording more readable. For our “invoice customers” we also made the renewal process easier and will now send out invoices in due time prior to an upcoming renewal. No need to repeat the quoting and purchase order process anymore. We continue to have 1-year contracts only, but shorter periods are in discussion and may come in 2019. Please download and read the new agreement. It is effective as of July 23, 2018, for all purchases of new and the renewal of licenses.

Finally, after pushing it for months and quite honestly for years, we have decided that it’s time to update our prices as well. It’s the first increase since 2013 and in fact the first ever on renewals. We have realized that we will have to build a different, and yes bigger, organization in order to keep up the pace of improving Maltego adequately and to be a responsive and competent partner. The new first-year prices are $999 for Maltego Classic and $1,999 for Maltego XL. Renewals are $499 (Classic) and $999 (XL). New prices will go into effect for orders of new licenses on August 1 and for renewal of existing licenses on September 1.

After the first half of 2018 being so much about legal and backend work, we are now excited about what’s to come. We will stay busy improving Maltego and your entire experience around it, and we promise not quite as quiet…

Your Team at Paterva