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Time to say goodbye

All things must come to an end, nothing gold can stay – including my time with Paterva. As of today - 14 Dec 2017 - I will no longer be employed by Paterva. I also resigned as managing director of the company and disposed of all my shares in the company.

Many people have asked me why I decided to leave Paterva. I’ve always wanted a company where everyone is close enough that you can throw them with something (like a ping pong ball) and in the last year or so I feel like I’ve been holding the company back to become bigger than that. After 10 years of running Paterva I’ve realized we’re not a start-up anymore and that it’s time to hand it over to people that’s more adept at running ‘proper’ companies.

I am handing Paterva over to [Chris and Sonja]. They have been faithfully involved with Maltego since the start of the product and have been partners and significant shareholders in the company from the get-go. Handing it to them I am sure the product will go from strength to strength and I have no doubt that they are more than capable to run the company to its full potential.  

I am excited to see where Paterva will grow in the coming years – I’ve always believed in the product’s massive potential and I am sure that it will flourish under the new leadership.

Take care & good luck team Paterva!

Baby seals,
Roelof Temmingh