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Using the new transforms without all the questions

Hi there,

As some of you may have seen, we recently updated the client and servers for Maltego in order to make it better, faster and stronger.

If you're running the commercial version of Maltego (e.g. Classic or XL) these changes have resulted in an extra choice when running transforms between our old and new servers. Unless you've done a clean install of 4.1 you'll see the following when running a transform:

The choice is between the old servers (alpine), and our new servers (g52) - 'Paterva Public'. In the short term, either choice will work, though we would encourage you to use the new server 'Paterva Public' going forward as this will be using the shiny new transforms (feel free to compare speed / results!).

How to remove the old servers

We will be releasing Maltego 4.1.1 within the next few days to remove the old servers from Maltego.

Until we release Maltego 4.1.1, or if you are running an older version of the client you can remove the choice of the old servers by simply re-installing the CTAS hub item:

1: Go to the home page of the Maltego Client.
2: Uninstall the 'Paterva CTAS' Hub item.

3: Wait for the uninstall to complete.
4: Install the 'Paterva CTAS' Hub item.

Reinstalling the 'Paterva CTAS' Hub item using the steps above, will remove the old servers and the server selection choice when running transforms.

Thanks for your patience, we promise not to break anything else ;)
Paterva Team