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Saving the planet with Maltego 4.1

Greetings people of the Internet.

In the last couple of months a lot of things have changed at Paterva. The good thing is that most of these changes will make your life better and will generally inspire you to live healthier. It's also better for Planet Earth - the environment - and it can help save lives.

Not really. Almost none of that is true of course. But enough with this nonsense - let's run through the changes really quick. Alternatively you can watch Andrew tell you about it:

Client side: Maltego 4.1
Exactly a year ago - to the minute almost - we released Maltego 4.0 (well - the Kali/CE release). Today we are releasing a new Maltego client - 4.1. Thanks AvA and PM team! The main change here is that 4.1 is all Maltego versions rolled into a single client. This means you don't ever have to download a different version - you can simply switch to it. It also means that any updates or fixes will be available to ALL versions of Maltego at exactly the same time - which in turns means we're also releasing CaseFile 4.1...right? Yay! Right? ;)

CE users will get updates when Kali users get updates when Classic users will get updates when XL users will get updates. I think you can see how this works. As such - take a look at how our download section has changed too - no more picking which client you want. No more confusion! And - let's be honest - nobody likes confusion!

If you don't want to download 4.1 you can actually upgrade your current Maltego to it. It requires two updates. Update one will take you from 4.0.18 -> 4.0.19 and the 4.0.19 release will update to 4.1.0. (You might need to restart 4.0.19 before it updates). For Kali Linux users - once the repos are NSYNC - you'll need to apt update && apt full-upgrade to get all the newer packages as well as Maltego. Or apt update && apt install maltego for just Maltego.

We're also really happy to be back in the Kali Linux top 10 tools. Thanks for all your support Kali Team!!

New transforms, new server

To go with the shiny Maltego 4.1 client we rewrote ALL (140 of them) of our transforms and built a new server framework from the ground up to host them. Transforms should be better, faster, shiny-er with fantasticer results and of course completely bug free (whahaha). The new server framework allows us to scale up our transform hosts a lot better too - so inside you'll feel the difference and outside you'll see the difference.  Thanks A2 (and M/K)...

For our corporate clients that need to adjust firewall rules - the old hosts were for CTAS and for CETAS. We've moved it all to a single machine called We called it G52 because we like how ominous and expensive it sounds. Like a plane or a big cannon. Or a secret code word. Just... go with it.


We've complete redone all our back-end systems. It means that every bit of Maltego interaction (hub, start page, documentation redirects, license interaction) is all running to a brand new system. Thanks PR! While you might not see the direct benefit from this immediately it's a huge thing for Paterva staff. Changes to the hub / start page / etc.  no longer requires Andrew or myself to SSH into a host and edit a file by hand. It will allow us to give you a much higher level of support. Geez - we almost sound like a proper company now! ;)

Where the start/hub was served from it now runs off We're all West World fans here at Paterva.

We hope you'll enjoy 4.1 and all the changes we've made.

RT & the rest of the Paterva team