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Saving the planet with Maltego 4.1

Greetings people of the Internet.

In the last couple of months a lot of things have changed at Paterva. The good thing is that most of these changes will make your life better and will generally inspire you to live healthier. It's also better for Planet Earth - the environment - and it can help save lives.

Not really. Almost none of that is true of course. But enough with this nonsense - let's run through the changes really quick. Alternatively you can watch Andrew tell you about it:

Client side: Maltego 4.1
Exactly a year ago - to the minute almost - we released Maltego 4.0 (well - the Kali/CE release). Today we are releasing a new Maltego client - 4.1. Thanks AvA and PM team! The main change here is that 4.1 is all Maltego versions rolled into a single client. This means you don't ever have to download a different version - you can simply switch to it. It also means that any updates or fixes will be available to ALL versions of Maltego at exactly the same time - which in …

In our bid to take over the world we hunt ICS devices using Maltego.

In continuing our discussions of our Defcon talk (see previous post [here]) in this section we are going to look at ICS devices and what we can do with them in Maltego.
[Shodan] is a mass Internet scanner – much like [Censys]. The core idea is – find all the machines that are alive on the Internet, extract as much data as we can from them, put it all in a database and make that available to the world to query. Pretty neat actually.
We’ve developed transforms querying Shodan for a while – you can read about it [here]. When we started looking at ICS devices we saw that Shodan actually has a page devoted to it. It looks like [this]:

On every ‘Explore’ button you’ll see that it translates to a Shodan query string. For instance – for instance finding PCWorx device the query will be “port:1962 PLC”. In other words – look for devices that has the word ‘PLC’ somewhere in the response as well as having port 1962 open. This search term will find all of these devices that Shodan has seen on the…

Linking individuals to organizations using network footprinting and leaked data.

Every year we train on Maltego at BlackHat USA in Las Vegas. This year we decided to submit a talk to Defcon – the notorious hacker conference right after BlackHat. For various reasons our talk was not accepted (Maltego being a commercial tool was right up there). At the last minute a slot opened up and since we were backup speakers Andrew MacPherson presented our work on the Saturday.
If you didn’t see the talk this blog post will go into a bit more detail on what Andrew presented. The talk had two main sections – a) finding useful information pertaining to Industrial Control Service (ICS) devices and b) finding embarrassing information. In this blog post I am going to focus on the latter.
We recently saw a talk from someone on using Maltego for infrastructure footprinting. We’ve been doing footprints in Maltego for many years and the tool is well geared towards working with structured data contained in DNS and related services – so it was big ‘told you so’ / ‘glad you could make i…