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Maltego 4.0.16 is out!

Hi there,

We just released Maltego 4.0.16. The delta between version 15 and 16 is mostly bug fixes. We've made Classic and XL available as [downloads] as well as creating update files for people running older versions of Maltego:

From today we're going to try and give you an idea of what features and fixes we've implemented. Some client have asked for it and we think that it's just proper to have some sort of changelog. So here goes!

  • Numerous fixes for using Maltego with a proxy server. Specifically surrounding authenticated proxies.
  • Start-up stability issues addressed.
  • Support for POSTs in OAuth integration. There are a couple of other issues we've addressed in OAuth and there's a few we're still going to address in future releases. But it's a lot better!
  • Fair amount of cosmetics, spelling mistakes fixed.
  • Refresh button on transform hub items (sure all devs will love us for this!).
  • Factory reset now..uhmm... works...better.
  • Fixes viewlets that's been with us since - forever.

Hope this helps giving you an idea of what the devs have been up to.
Baby seals / enjoy the weekend!