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Bing v2 API is dead, long live v5? Also CTAS updates.

As some of you might have notice Microsoft is in the final throes of shutting down Bing API v2 and replacing it with v5 (v3 and v4...well...who knows). The new API is part of [Microsoft Cognitive Services]. MCS have some pretty cool APIs and as soon as they're priced right we might start putting more of them into Maltego. We've put this in here specifically for MS people. You know who you are. We've spoken to you. We know where you live....;)

Currently Maltego uses Bing for all the Search Engine transforms - these all end with '_SE'.

The migration to v5 was not always easy. The question enumerator in the server code had to be changed (a lot). Some options are not supported in v5. There are only 25 results per page. One of the biggest impacts the new API has is that its pricing model is significantly higher than the previous version. Microsoft was pretty helpful in the migration process but less helpful when we complained about the new prices. This means we *might* need to cut down this service for our community edition users - but let's see how it goes.

We will be changing our public servers to v5 when Microsoft literally pull the plug on v2. For our clients that have their own private CTAS servers - you can easily change over to the v5 API by simply applying a patch. Do the following:

Browse to the CTAS web interface. Click on 'Update Server' at the top. Click on 'Update Server Automatically' and .. wait. Soon the server will begin with the updating process. There is no need to reboot the server.

Once you server is up to date it will be using Bing v5 API and your Bing API v2 key will no longer be valid. You may want to read how to enter the Bing v5 API key on your server in our fantastic new CTAS guide here:

If you run into any trouble please drop us a friendly note at Enjoy!!