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We loaded new certs on our servers

Just a really quick note to say that - yes - it's us and not some nasty MITM - we've changed certificates on our servers. So when you see this...

...then you know what it's about. After our 4.0.5 update we're a little paranoid with checking certificates! You should check that the Modulus is the same, it's signed by Entrust and the Serial number match. If so you can happily click on 'Trust' and be on your merry way.

If you don't see this or the details are different it means you're not speaking to our servers...and you should be worried.

Happy days,

Maltego 4.0.15 is here!

We're happy to announce that Maltego 4.0.15 (for XL and Classic) has just been released. With it comes a whole host of bug fixes, improvements and new features.

What's new:
New tabular import wizardMuch (much!) quicker to import large amounts of dataConnectivity matrix helps you connect the dotsAuto-detection of columns and column entity types saves you timeImport multiple files at once - underrated feature of the month!List view - back by popular demand!Recent entities section in entities pallet so you don't need to search for themLeaf selection (we should have had this in V1)100+ small bug fixes so things just works better.
Tabular Importer Connectivity Matrix The new connectivity matrix allows you to easily define the relationships between the imported entities.

Column Entity Types You can now specify the entity type in the data headers. E.g. A column with the heading "maltego.Person" will automatically be recognized as a Person entity, without having to do the…