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Christmas Special & State of the Nation. It's a thing!

Here we are – at the end of 2016. For some 2016 was a great year. For others... not so much. It was indeed a year where we saw many changes around the world. And you know what they say about change. No no - not the holiday thing, that funny thing about not wearing ski pants in the desert. 

Was 2016 a bad year for Maltego? Hmm - no. We released a major version (M4) this year. We fixed a lot of bugs in it and we’re now up to the 12th update for the 4.0 version. We finally had the courage to split it into two flavors (Classic and XL). We built the MDS this year. A few more tests and it’s ready for production in early 2017. Every time I play with the MDS I smile. It’s truly a thing of beauty. Maltego 4 + MDS is going to turn out to be VERY powerful.

The company has grown too – not just with clients and sales – but with people too. Yesterday another recruit started with the company. His name is Andrew. How is it that we have five people working in one office and two of them are called Andrew?  Don’t ask – it’s still 2016. We now have proper offices in Pretoria(here and here) having moved from Cape Town. Yes – we moved there and then moved back. I said don’t ask. 

After almost 10 years around people tend to think we need to “grow up”. Become a “proper company”.  Focus more on “making the numbers” and thus less on making cool and useful tech anymore. Cut the intros for our videos and use "sensible fonts". Find a receptionist and a PABX and a stall at *that* conference and a real company letterhead. Well |=|_|[|< all that.  We fight against that on a daily basis.  We resist to conform, to become a “me too!”. And after every Maltego design meeting we sit down again and question our decisions and ask if it’s REALLY the direction we want to take.

I know you’re actually only here for the Christmas special coupon code. It’s a tradition we’ve kept going for the last few years. The plan here is that you can buy Maltego as a gift to your partner/wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/parakeet/goldfish/cactus/athlete's foot at a real bargain and that you don’t need to buy them socks - again. 

The coupon is all lower case. It contains no spaces. It’s the new server we’re releasing in 2017 – append to that the name of person that just joined the company. You can of course Tweet this coupon to the world. Do that and we'll give your Twitter alias to a South African traditional healer which in turn will give you a penis enlargement. Even if you’re not male. And keep in mind they’re not always super reliable so stuff might go wrong. It’s up to you.

The coupon gives you 40% off Maltego Classic and XL (discount do not apply to renewal free). The coupon is valid from now to the 27th of Dec (00h00, GMT+2).

Baby seals,