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Maltego 4 CE / Kali Linux release is ready for download!

Hi there,

We're happy to announce that Maltego 4 is now (finally) ready for the masses! We're releasing the community (free) edition today and the Kali distros have been updated by the kind people from Offensive Security (thanks Dookie/Muts!).  In other words - we're ready to roll on a major upgrade of your favorite information visualization tool.

(click on the image above to see our very grown-up/proper promotional video of Sandra the 15 year old Dachshund and Maltego/Kali Linux. !(We plan to screen this at our booth at a major conference.))

Our decision to make CaseFile free with the release of Maltego 4 had some interesting side-effects. In CaseFile importing data from CSV/XLS was enabled. So too printing. And reporting. So when we made CaseFile free it did not make sense to limit the Kali/CE releases - you'd simply open CaseFile, import the data and save the graph - then open in CE.

So - bottom line - reporting/printing/CSV import is now enabled in the free release!

The major changes from 3.6 to 4.0 is the ability to render and use large graphs, the use of collection nodes and a brand new interface. To see a more complete overview of the improvements in Maltego 4 you might want to view our release video [HERE].

For the CE version (OSX/Windows/Linux/SNES/ZX81/C64) click [HERE], download and install.

For Kali Linux - if you're running 2016.2 (recommended) you can simply type:

# apt-get update && apt-get install maltegoce

If you're using Kali Linux 2016.1 it's a bit of a bigger mission but you can open a terminal and type:

# apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

This will upgrade your Kali to the latest - and it's good thing(tm) anyhow.
Once you're good to go start Maltego like you normally do.

We hope you have endless fun using Maltego 4 and that you find it super useful in your explorations.