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We talk to Allan about NewsLink

This blog post presents our new transform hub item called NewsLink that we have just released on the Transform Hub. NewsLink aims to assist in identifying and monitoring patterns in information posted on the Internet from a wide range of sources including Twitter, blog posts and news articles.
Every day millions of news articles, blog posts, Tweets, pastes, etc. are posted online with this continuous stream of information it makes it difficult to identify what information is important to us and should be focused on and what could just be ignored.  One approach to pick out important information would be to look at when multiple sources all mention the same people, locations, company names (and a slew of other types of entities) in a certain time period. This is the basis for NewsLink.
The image of the graph below is a small piece of a graph that was monitoring news articles related to Defcon. The snippets on the right list the news articles that mention both Samy Kamkar and Defcon on …