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Maltego Chlorine Community Edition is ready for download

Hi there,

We're pleased to announce the release of Maltego Chlorine community edition. The release would hopefully solve most of the Java compatibility issues. It comes bundled with Java 8u45 and is available for download at our website [HERE].

The Chlorine release brings (almost) all the goodness of the commercial release with a 0$ price tag. If you're interested in the changes made from Carbon->Chlorine we suggest you view our Chlorine release video [HERE].

One of the main differences between the commercial and the community edition is that it will feature only free items in its Transform Hub.

When Kali Linux 2 is released we'll also release a Maltego for Kali release. In the meanwhile Kali Linux user can simply install the .deb on their Kali Linux.

Additionally we've made a new 'Intro to Maltego' video that will replace the first video in our tutorial series. It was about time - the previous version was made in Oct 2011 and used version 3.0. We've als…