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Maltego Chlorine is ready for download


New release is called Chlorine - was a tough one. It's an awesome release. We fixed many bugs and built many features.

You should download it. Now. [ Here ].  Or click on the pretty picture.
Release video is [ here ].

The full story

Here at Paterva we've had a few milestone Maltego releases. Maltego 3.1 was one, Maltego Tungsten was another. It's hard to say which one was the most difficult to get 'over the line'. Maltego Chlorine was one of those 'giving birth' releases.

We've worked really hard at it. The release was supposed to be in mid February - then we delayed it because we kept finding conditions we've previously missed. A lot of testing was done on Chlorine, and a lot of bugs (some even came from version 3) were fixed. We even [started talking] about it early in Feb.

A product like Maltego is never really completely finished. At any given stage there is a list of features we still want and a (smaller) list of things that really annoys us. We can easily develop Maltego for months before we push out a new release, but at some stage you need let go and put it 'out there'. We're there now - it's 10 months since our last major release and the baby is overdue.

We made a video describing what's new in Chlorine. The plan was to take the cable car up to Table Mountain and shoot the video at sunset overlooking Cape Town. It started raining during the first take. There was a pesky helicopter buzzing around (because it was State of the Nation address in parliment that day). It was shot on the 12th of Feb - almost 3 weeks ago. As such the look and feel changed a little bit here and there - but you'll get the basic idea. Click below to watch what Chlorine is all about:

New features
As the video says - the major features of Chlorine are as follows:
1) Transform Hub
2) New context menu (right click menu)
3) Java 8 support - and lots of OSX install/first run enhancements

What the video does not say is that we now have:
4) Sizable fonts (no more needing a microscope to read detail view)
5) Output window shows links to entity for easy tracking
6) Removed our branding from the PDF report (SO many people, SO angry)
7) LOTS of bug fixes
8) New branding, higher quality icons / logos etc.
9) Not really a feature of the release, but we have a brand new [developer website].

A short history of Maltego releases:
We've also realized that people have difficulty following release dates, names and features. So here goes:
Jun  2010 - 3.0 - NoName - First major release, redid graphing engine, new protocol.
Feb 2012 - 3.1 - NoName - Basically redid version 3...graph annotations, link styles

We then decided to use element names for the releases:
Sep 2012 - 3.3 - Radium - Scriptable transforms (machines), auto update
Aug 2013 -3.4 - Tungsten - Real time graph collaboration
Apr 2014 - 3.5 - Carbon - OAUTH capabilities - return of Twitter transforms
Mar 2015 - 3.6 - Chlorine - Transform hub / context menu

In between the major releases there has been a lot of on-the-fly updates, patches, hot fixes etc.

It's been a long and interesting journey. We hope you enjoy using our software as much as we enjoy building it.

So long / baby seals / going to sleep for a week,