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Christmas special. Another useful Paterva tradition.


It's that time of the year again. When going grocery shopping feels like scene from The Walking Dead. Human meat density coefficient just waaay to high. Going to the office feels like a scene from The Walking Dead (but another episode). Not fun either way.

Since we moved to Cape Town about 3 weeks ago we still don't have formal offices and as such I am working from home (Andrew is back up in Gauteng spending time with family). I suspect many of you are doing the same - still very much connected, online and reading those emails marked as 'I'll get back to that when I am not so busy'.  Pro tip - start with 'Sorry for not getting back to you earlier'. It's already weird. Just face it.

Every year we run a Christmas special. And it's really a special - not a silly 10% off. In 2011 it was 50% off. In 2012 it was 33% off. This year -2013 - it's 50% again. We're all for consistency.  That means you get the commercial version at $380. Remember - the community edition is still FREE. We know that at $380 it's hardly an impulse buy - so you want to get your boss/FD on the phone (if he is not relaxing next to a pool with a G&T) and convince him that this REALLY only happens once a year!

The special is aimed at the people that are still hard at work at this time of the year. It's your reward for being the backbone of the 'skeleton staff'.

Enjoy the festive season. Show restraint when it comes to family matters. Embrace social awkwardness. If you're reading this you're probably the weird uncle...

Oh. Ya. The coupon. It's "GiveMaltegoAsAGift". Try it as a gift. Your wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend / dog / cat / pet ferret will enjoy our technology!

Note: Offer runs from today to the 26th of Dec.