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Maltego CaseFile v2 released!

Maltego CaseFile version 1 was really cute. You could draw pretty pictures with it and show it to your friends. We even made a Game of Thrones graph with it - because we had friends that did not read the books and only started watching it at Season 3. And we were tired of explaining all the intricate relationships to them.

We didn't give CaseFile a lot of attention. In a way it was like washing your elbows. You wash your face and under your arms and so on.. but you don't actively think about washing your elbows. It's not like you would tell your child "Hey Pietie - make sure you wash your elbows tonight OK?". And so it was with us and CaseFile.

We released Maltego Tungsten at BlackHat USA in August this year. For the next couple of months CaseFile would sit next the Tungsten on the website. It would look at Tungsten with envy. Tungsten was shiny and new. It had nice shoes and a pretty dress. It was all grown up. CaseFile was left behind and it seemed that nobody at Paterva cared. CaseFile cried a little bit.

But then something wonderful happened! The developers picked CaseFile up from the shelf. They dusted her off. They gave her new shoes and a pretty dress - as pretty as Tungsten's. They gave her a complete makeover and called her CaseFile version 2.0. They loved her again - they gave her a new splash page and made a cool new video with her name in lights and they talked about her all day long:

CaseFile was happy again. And you could be too.
Download a fresh copy now from our website (