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New version of CaseFile, Tungsten updates, prices

Hello people of the Interweb. We have some news for you.

CaseFile v2
We're happy to announce that very soon, we'll have a new CaseFile version coming out. It will contain all the graph sharing goodness you've come to expect of Maltego Tungsten, but in a CaseFile package. This means teams of analysts working with offline data can share graphs in realtime and even chat with each other.

CaseFile is like Maltego - but without transforms. We've realized that not all analysts need transforms - why do you have to pay for it? CaseFile used to be a glorified sketching application (selling at $200) with seamless compatibility with Maltego. Now, with real time graph sharing it's a lot more. We will be releasing CaseFile v2 very soon. Hereby a splash screen candidate of v2:

Tungsten update
We've created a new update for Tungsten - it solves a couple of pesky bugs we've had in the past, plus allows for better compatibility with XMPP servers (your own, public, or dedicated Paterva Comms servers). This hotfix will be released soon.

Changes in pricing
Maltego has been priced at $650 for the last 450 years. With inflation and all of the new goodness in Tungsten we've reluctantly decided to increase the price to $760. I wanted to do this on the 13th of October but Andrew shouted at me and said that we haven't given our users fair warning. Thus - the increase will (for real) happen on the 25th of October. You've been warned! The renewal rate of $320 will not be changed and as always, users with valid licenses will get any upgrades free of charge.

Koebaai julle, koebaai.