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Andrew makes a blog entry! Also the story of KingPhisher!

Hi Interwebtonians,

It has been absolutely ages since I have written a blog post - and its not from the lack of prodding from Roelof. We have genuinely just been busy!

Predominately I want to show you some of the work we had to do for Blackhat 2013 - my first BH talk ever! My section of the work was what we ended up calling 'KingPhisher' as well as the multi-threaded Python script to crawl websites for some parts of 'Teeth' (Roelof's offensive Maltego transforms).

    Video: [HERE]
    Download: [HERE]

A common Paterva office treat is that if you make a mistake or if the other person can catch you out at anything you have to make tea (the amount of times I make tea is inversely proportional to how long I have been at Paterva!). This included phishing. Many years ago we would try trick each other into clicking on links. Most security people will agree with us when we say that if you have enough context on a person you can craft an email…

New version of CaseFile, Tungsten updates, prices

Hello people of the Interweb. We have some news for you.

CaseFile v2
We're happy to announce that very soon, we'll have a new CaseFile version coming out. It will contain all the graph sharing goodness you've come to expect of Maltego Tungsten, but in a CaseFile package. This means teams of analysts working with offline data can share graphs in realtime and even chat with each other.

CaseFile is like Maltego - but without transforms. We've realized that not all analysts need transforms - why do you have to pay for it? CaseFile used to be a glorified sketching application (selling at $200) with seamless compatibility with Maltego. Now, with real time graph sharing it's a lot more. We will be releasing CaseFile v2 very soon. Hereby a splash screen candidate of v2:

Tungsten update
We've created a new update for Tungsten - it solves a couple of pesky bugs we've had in the past, plus allows for better compatibility with XMPP servers (your own, public, or dedicated…