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Vegas feedback, Tungsten release, Teeth install, KingPhisher etc etc.

After what seems to be a lifetime we're back safe and sound in South Africa. It's been a long trip - after Blackhat/Defcon we traveled a little further north west to conduct (another) four day training course.

Blackhat training
We trained two courses at Blackhat - back to back. In total - 42 students. It was fun. We mostly had skilled students and it's always great to see their 'AHA!' moments - when all the pieces come together and they understand our vision.

A pivotal moment for me personally was when I complained that my feet hurt on day 3 of BH training and the training room cleaner (an elderly man that's been in the war in Sarajevo) told me 'you're getting paid for this yes?'.  He survived a war and was cleaning rooms in a hotel in Las Vegas at minimum wage and I was complaining that my feet hurt. Perspective++.

Blackhat talk
The day after training we had our talk. All the demos worked (a special thanks to the networking guys for those 2x Ethernet…