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Useful Christmas gifts

It's that time of year again. When most people are not at work and those that are at work are trying to get all the things done they couldn't do in the 'normal' time of the year. We like to provide some rewards to those hard core 'at work over the festive season' people:

1) Like we did last year we are giving you discount on Maltego Radium and CaseFile. 33% off the normal price if you use the coupon 'Christmas2012'. The coupon is valid till the 25th of December. Or the end of the world, which ever happens first.

2) If all goes according to plan, we'll be releasing the community edition of Maltego Radium this week. 1) you're saying you can buy it cheaper and in 2) you're saying the community (free) version will soon be out? Is this not really bad marketing strategy? Indeed. But then again - it would be silly and cruel to delay either just because it might make us a few bucks. And now is not the time to be cruel. Perhaps it's the time to be silly - but in a good like...

3) Like a silly picture - which - if you are not planning to use Maltego ever makes this blog post still worth reading:

More here once we're done with Radium Community.