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Manually linking one node to multiple others

Someone asked "It is very tedious to put five thousand arrows of emails to a single identity. Is there any way to make this easier?" There is indeed an easier way and I thought I'd put the recipe out here on the blog:

Follow these easy steps to link many nodes to a single node:
Select the many nodes.Move the mouse pointer so that it hovers over the single node, but don't select it.Left click on the single node AND hold the left click button in.Drag a line to any of the many nodes. The single node will now be linked to the many nodes with multiple links, but the link direction must be inverted.

We now need to select all these links and invert their direction. To do this:
Select the single node.On the ribbon go to Investigate -> Select links -> Outgoing. You can also do this by holding control and dragging a box around the links.On the ribbon - Investigate -> Reverse Links.Voila! For those that need pictures - here they are:

Maltego Radium Community Edition Released!

Hi there.

As promised, and on time, we are proud to release the community edition of Maltego Radium.

Some of the major features of Radium are:Use of machines (transform sequences - use, edit and build your own!)Incremental Auto update (You don't need to download a 80MB release ever again)Full screen mode (think dashboard)Massive memory and speed optimizationSound (useful when you switch to something else and want know when your transforms are done)Find in files (only added this some weeks ago to the Commercial edition!)And much much more...(tm) We have also upgraded the community server to leverage all the new cool goodies (like link style/color, notes on entities etc) that Maltego Radium offers.

To get the new Maltego Radium Community Edition simply download the community edition from our [website] - or click below:

The huge improvements that used to be only available to commercial users are now available for everyone! Having said that - results are still limited to 12. This a…

Useful Christmas gifts

It's that time of year again. When most people are not at work and those that are at work are trying to get all the things done they couldn't do in the 'normal' time of the year. We like to provide some rewards to those hard core 'at work over the festive season' people:

1) Like we did last year we are giving you discount on Maltego Radium and CaseFile. 33% off the normal price if you use the coupon 'Christmas2012'. The coupon is valid till the 25th of December. Or the end of the world, which ever happens first.

2) If all goes according to plan, we'll be releasing the community edition of Maltego Radium this week. 1) you're saying you can buy it cheaper and in 2) you're saying the community (free) version will soon be out? Is this not really bad marketing strategy? Indeed. But then again - it would be silly and cruel to delay either just because it might make us a few bucks. And now is not the time to be cruel. Perhaps it's the…