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Radium Update 2

About 36 hours ago we 'pressed the button' on Radium Update 2. This update is distributed to Radium users via auto-update. We decided it would be fitting to make a short video of the highlights of this update (we like to call it 'service pack 2' - as it sounds very grown up).
Click below to view:

The reason we made the video is because:
1) We're pretty lazy - and it seems like a lot of work to write it all up.
2) People generally have more fun watching videos than reading documentation.
3) A big camera vendor sent us a bunch of equipment to evaluate. No not really. We wish. I wish.

One thing that Andrew forgot to mention in the video is that the MSL (Maltego Scripting Language) was also extended with some new pretty functions. The MSL doc (updated with a shiny new reference guide) is at Those of you that like writing your own Maltego Machines should definitely take a look.

The Radium community release is almost ready and if all goes well we'll be able to release it just before Christmas.

Enjoy responsibly,