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Coolness coming in the next Maltego Radium update

Hi there,

We're planning to release another update to Radium before the end of the year. Also we're very much hoping to release a community edition of Radium at the same time. Send Redbull, cupcakes and vitamins and we might just make it!

One of the new features in the update is 'Find in Files'. It's pretty cool because it means if you have a group of analysts working together (and you are saving your files on a share somewhere (hey, we should try it with DropBox)) you can now easily search through all of the graphs and create a merged graph of everyone's work that matched your search terms. It will even try to open encrypted graphs with provided passwords!

Attached some boring looking screen shots. The feature works pretty well already:

In the last screenshot you'll see that we now provide you with the ability to add metadata to your graph which is useful when browsing FiF (Find in Files) search results.

And now for something completely different

Another feature we're adding (OK no - we really hacked it in there) is that transform writers can soon describe links (label, color, style, thickness) as well as have the ability to create notes and bookmarks using code. I say 'hacked' because we really have to do a proper implementation of protocol 3 to make it nice and clean - but in the meantime you'll soon be able to add it as the entity's properties like so:

          <Entity Type='Person'>
         <Value>Pietertjie Vermeulen</Value>
                <Field Name='link#abc' DisplayName='Some link property'>link prop value</Field>
                <Field Name=''>karnallie</Field>
                <Field Name=''>1</Field>
                <Field Name=''>1</Field>
                <Field Name=''>0x00FF00</Field>
                <Field Name=''>3</Field>
                <Field Name='notes#'>Die bliksem steel my ouma se koekies</Field>
                <Field Name='bookmark#'>1</Field>

Yes we know - you really want graph in / graph out but hey- it's a step in the right direction.

We'll keep you update on the progress - but if all goes according to plan we'll have it out before the end of the world.

Baby seals,