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On videos, Dinky toys & the upcoming update.

In this week's episode of 'You & your Maltego":
  1. A new video is released.
  2. We probably insult Mac users and talk about Dinky toys.
  3. ...and what's new in the upcoming Radium update!
1) Perhaps our motivation has not been 100% pure in making a new video. It could be driven by new technology obtained by senior Paterva staff (Roelof has new video making toys). Alas - it's informative and fun if not highly entertaining. Not only will it have special appeal for teenagers of the early 90s, it also shows the outside of our corporate (*cough*) offices. Link below:

Dinky toys

2)  Mac users are normally very stylish. Tell a Mac user his desktop looks a little childish and you will most likely cause permanent damage - to you or said user. You might lose a friend or a limb. Maltego on the Mac was always an afterthought (in fact - when we started building Maltego there was always lag between the Windows/Linux and the Mac releases). And let's face it - the Mac release never looked as good as the Windows release (**cringe**). So we fixed it and took off the training wheels. Here are some before and after photos:


Mac users - you'll see the entire look & feel is now ... better. That is - it looks a lot tighter and nicer.

3) We will be releasing an update for Maltego Radium very soon (end of this week perhaps). In this update you'll get the following wonderful things:
  • Memory optimization. Major work done here. We fixed many memory leaks that were part and parcel of Maltego since the 80s.
  • Better performance. We tweaked performance. It's faster - in many small ways that all add up.
  • Mac users will lose the Maltego Dinky Toy look & feel. It's time for Maltego to grow up.
  • New machines. We've added two more machines.
  • Dedicated button to clone machines.
  • Extended the Maltego Scripting Language (more on this as we release the update)
Because we have incremental updates Maltego Radium users (all platforms) will have to do ... NOTHING to get these updates. No downloading 100GB. No re-installing. No looking for the license key. Just click update and restart Maltego.