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Maltego Radium - Iceland, video, download and more

Hi there,

We're finally back from Iceland. It proved to be well worth the epic journey. It's a strangely hypnotic country with fantastic sights, super friendly people and the coolest beanies on the planet. We've uploaded some photos on our [Facebook] page if you're interested to see what it looks like.

Maltego Radium went live on Friday, late afternoon and we 'pressed the button' from a teenager's bedroom in rural Iceland. That's a story on it's own. At the same time we also launched our [new website] - where you can download the latest release. The next day, back in Reykjavik we grabbed some tables and made the tutorial video (one take) in a corner of the opera house. If the video seems a little rushed - it's because we were counting the seconds before security rocked up. We took the footage back to our hotel, edited and uploaded a few hours before we had to catch the bus (at 4am) to the airport, via London, back to South Africa.

Here's the result (click to view):

The following new features are available in Maltego Radium:
  • Machines - the long awaited Maltego scripting language allows you to sequence transforms programmatically. Out the box Maltego Radium comes with a couple of useful built-in machines that does footprinting, social media monitoring etc. Just feed it input and click on the button.
  • Auto update. Never need to download the entire client again - we provide incremental updates as they become available.
  • Full screen mode - think dashboard.
  • Viewlets - gives you the ability to configure analytical views in pseudo code. New default 'Diverse Descent' view.
The Maltego Scripting Language (MSL) document can be found [here]. This document explains how the scripting language works and shows you how to write your own machines.

It took us about a year to build Maltego Radium. A lot of thinking, working, swearing, sweating and tears went into building it. We think it will change the game - and we're really proud of it.


PS: The community edition of Maltego Radium will follow soon. Commercial license holders can upgrade (as always) at no cost.