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Maltego Radium - first update released!

As promised earlier this week we just released our first update for Maltego Radium. Your client will automatically detect the update and guide you through the (painless & fun) update. If you are impatent you can also force the update by clicking on on Application button (that's the sphere thingy at the left hand top) -> Tools -> Check for updates as shown in the screenshot below:

The latest build number is 3453. You can see the build number in the About Box (application button -> More about Maltego -> About:

The update includes the following:
  • A lot of memory optimization - especially in the area of machines - but we also fixed memory leaks that have been in the application for years.
  • Machine optimization in terms of speed - especially when dealing with many entities.
  • Cosmetic update for Mac - as described in the previous post.
  • Cloning of machines are now possible.
  • Optimization for bookmarking multiple objects.
  • Optimization for manipulating entities in the detail view.
  • Extending the MSL to include negating filters (add ',invert:true' to any filter to invert it). This update will soon be reflected in the official MSL guide.
  • Improved machine management and display.
  • Various silly bug fixes.

The update is live as of 21/9/2012 19h00 Friday evening SAST.

Enjoy & remember - Monday is National Braai Day (NBD) in South Africa!