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Maltego Radium - preview video

Some time ago (June) we released a video of what's to come in Maltego Radium. It was shot on a cold night on a rooftop in Johannesburg CBD. We only got off the roof at around 3am - cold and hungry, but with the footage "in the can".  I feverishly edited the video and a few days later the video was released. Only today did we realize that we never blogged about it. Well - if you haven't seen it before - here it is again:

Maltego Radium will be released at the Nordic Security Conference ( at the end of August. That's in a few weeks. We know. It's close. Deadline looming. People stressing. Throwing stuff. Mostly me. ;)

PS: Many people asked us "Who does your videos?". It's all done in-house. Shot, edited etc. This is why, while the visuals and the soundtrack might be a little over the top and the quality isn't always up to scratch - you get it straight from the source. Oh - and that's Andrew in the video - not a reporter. lol.