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Some transform news

Hi there,

We've fixed the PGP transforms - it seems that stinkfoot's PGP section decided to die - so we've moved it over to MIT's PGP key server.

This has been fixed in the 3.1.1 community and commercial editions - to see the changes simply rediscover the transforms. To manually fix (if you're still using 3.1.0 or older) you can go to the Manage tab, Manage transforms, type in 'PGP' in the search bar at the top right, select all transforms (control A), and at the PGP server URL replace with and press Enter.

We've also added a transform on the TDS that will look at a Twitter affiliation and give the last couple of locations (if the user has enabled that) as well as the technology used to update Twitter (eg TweetDeck, UberSocial or just 'web' when it's via the Twitter web interface). This transform is called ToTwitterUserGEO. To see it in action use a phrase like 'ParisHilton', conver…