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Maltego 3.1.1 released and notes on the community edition

Today we are releasing Maltego 3.1.1 (commercial) and CaseFile 1.0.1 (commercial and community). The new release removes a lot of undocumented features that crept into 3.1.0. Some people call them bugs.  Many of these were VERY frustrating and we're glad to have them squashed. Read 'you should upgrade'.

You might ask - "Where is the community edition? When can we ever expect it? You said it would be done soon. And that was two weeks ago! Liar liar." And so on. The reason why we are not releasing 3.1.1 community edition is that we are building some very interesting "community edition only" features into 3.1.1. No really - features, not bugs. At this stage I don't want to talk about it too much, but I can say that we are starting to experiment with some form of collaboration between different Maltego community users.  It would mean it's the first time that the community edition will have functionality that the commercial edition will not have! The idea would be to test the concept with the community and if people find it useful we'll roll it out to the commercial version too.

As always you can find the latest releases in the download section of our website (