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Recx Maltego 3.1 Image Forensic Transforms

Hey guys,

I just got word from the team over at Recx that they are offering a discount to all Maltego users for the launch of Maltego 3.1.

The product they are offering is the Recx GPS Image forensics package which allows Maltego users to work with local image data to identify key relationships between images such as:
  • Images taken in the same location.
  • Images taken in the same location but with different devices.
  • Images taken in the same location but altered via software.
  • Search for images taken in a certain location across your acquired set
Take a look at it in action below or view their blog post for a complete breakdown!

They are offering a discount of £40 (from £95.99 to £59.99!) if you use the coupon code 'maltego31launch'.

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