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Maltego 3.1 BackTrack release and other stuff

As soon as Muts and his team wakes up they'll find a Skype file transfer request waiting for them - it's Maltego 3.1 BackTrack release. It's looking damn pretty truth be told.  Here's a screenshot of it:

We will be releasing Maltego 3.1 community edition very soon as well.

Some other important things you should really be reading:

  • We will be disconnecting the Maltego 2 server very soon. If you are still using v2 shame on you. 2008 called - they want their software back.
  • We will disconnect the Maltego 3.0.X server in June. Which means we want you to upgrade to 3.1 soonishly. It's totally worth it.
  • When we release 3.1 community edition we will also release 3.1 update 1 (3.1u1). A lot of super irritating bugs have been fixed in the update. Which means you want to upgrade to 3.1u1.
Baby seals,