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Maltego 3.1 BackTrack release and other stuff

As soon as Muts and his team wakes up they'll find a Skype file transfer request waiting for them - it's Maltego 3.1 BackTrack release. It's looking damn pretty truth be told.  Here's a screenshot of it:

We will be releasing Maltego 3.1 community edition very soon as well.

Some other important things you should really be reading:

We will be disconnecting the Maltego 2 server very soon. If you are still using v2 shame on you. 2008 called - they want their software back.We will disconnect the Maltego 3.0.X server in June. Which means we want you to upgrade to 3.1 soonishly. It's totally worth it.When we release 3.1 community edition we will also release 3.1 update 1 (3.1u1). A lot of super irritating bugs have been fixed in the update. Which means you want to upgrade to 3.1u1. Baby seals,

Maltego 3.1 Community & BT editions..coming soon.

Recx Maltego 3.1 Image Forensic Transforms

Hey guys,
I just got word from the team over at Recx that they are offering a discount to all Maltego users for the launch of Maltego 3.1.
The product they are offering is the Recx GPS Image forensics package which allows Maltego users to work with local image data to identify key relationships between images such as: Images taken in the same location.Images taken in the same location but with different devices.Images taken in the same location but altered via software.Search for images taken in a certain location across your acquired set Take a look at it in action below or view their blog post for a complete breakdown!

They are offering a discount of £40 (from £95.99 to £59.99!) if you use the coupon code 'maltego31launch'.
Check it out now at
Do the twist -AM

Maltego 3.1 and CaseFile 1.0 -> it's live!

On the 15th of June 2010 we released Maltego 3.0. Since then we ramped it up all the way to 3.0.4u2 and we've built Maltego CaseFile. Now, almost 20 months later we are finally ready with Maltego 3.1. For us it's really a big deal - so much so that many of us wanted to call it Maltego 4.0 (but that number is destined for bigger things).

The weeks leading up to this release were hard on all of us (and on our family and friends who had to deal with us).  A LOT of effort went into making this product - thinking, coding, designing, architecting (is that even a word?), testing, arguing, tea/coffee making, laughing and crying. Blood, sweat and tears. And our team stuck together and kicked butt. Everyone did their part and when someone was down they were picked up by the others. If this sounds oh so emotional it's because it really is.

We did not get around to document the release properly. We could have, but it would have taken another two weeks. Instead we made a quick 10 minu…