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Maltego CaseFile and Maltego 3.1 release date

Happy 2012, Christmas, hope this year..blah blah.

With that out the way - we are working hard to release Maltego CaseFile v1.0 and Maltego 3.1 at the end of January

Maltego 3.1 will have the same features as Casefile but will include the use of transforms. We are still very much committed to make CaseFile FREE for non-commercial users. Both 3.1 and CaseFile will have fully supported Windows, OSX and Linux versions. A community version of Maltego 3.1 will follow in the weeks to come - and we'll ask Muts and Chris to bundle it with their new BackTrack release.

CaseFile and 3.1 should work seamlessly together. Clients with dedicated Maltego servers should upgrade to the new CTAS (which will be released at the same time).

There! Our first blog post for 2012!


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