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We're doing 91% fine thanks - Sectools & Blackhat

We don't get out much. In our line of business we rarely get to speak to people face to face (expect when we train). To determine if your business is doing OK you look at comments from people - on Twitter, forums, in mailing lists or direct email. You look at number of downloads, number of licenses sold. You look at the number of pageviews on your website and this blog. Every now and then a number comes along that's just a little bit more important.


The [SecTools Top 125 tools] is like the Oscars for security tools. Right - everyone knows that it's impossible and unfair to compare the [traceroute command] (21) to [Google] (26) or [VMware] (43) to [Python] (23), but this list is a start. It's an indication. The the survey ran in 2000, 2003, 2006 and now in 2011 (unless I missed one?).

So how did we do?

In a nutshell - pretty OK. Overall [Maltego] made number 34 (of 125). If this was an exam we'd have 72.8%. We were voted nr. 1 in the [Forensics] category - and while this is great I am sure the hard core forensics guys have their own list that they keep somewhere. What's really awesome is that we're nr. 4 of all [new tools] - and there are 49 new tools in the list (91.8%). A new tool means it was released since the [last run] - which was in 2006. Being nr. 4 in security tools released in the last five years - that's something we're really proud of. Especially when you think that Maltego is not a dedicated security tool! (I guess neither is Python, Google, VMware or traceroute...;)

Fyodor - thanks for putting this together. I am sure it's a ton of work. 

BlackHat Vegas training 2011 - feedback.

Another hard, real number is the BlackHat (Vegas) training feedback. We got ours yesterday. Keep in mind that we did two classes and on day one of the first session the hotel internet connection was dead. Someone wrote "Paterva was great. Not having Net for the first day was annoying". Some of our session two students wrote "Roelof and Andrew were superb! It was obvious to everyone in the class how well prepared they were." and "Very well done; very personal and good hands-on pracs.".

Our average score for the two sessions combined?  
91.22% YEAAH!