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Racing against time the developers...CaseFile (OSX)

Racing against time the developers knew that the entire IC was watching, constantly refreshing the Paterva blog and Twitter feed for news of the CaseFile (beta) OSX release. With blood running from their raw fingertips they put the final touches on the DMG package and SCP-ed it across the intertubes to the Paterva website. It took a while to get there but when the upload finally finished there was a sense of achievement  and accomplishment around the office. The devs looked at each other, their eyes still wide from the adrenaline rush of putting out yet another release.

Tomorrow they will back at their desks again, changing the world of intelligence gathering one line of code at a time.

You can play/look at/use their work by simply clicking on the link below:
[Maltego CaseFile (beta) build 1950 DMG]